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Board members

Irina Zehnder

Works in real estate and laid the foundation for her passion for Rwanda in her bachelor thesis.

Eric Dieth

Lecturer in law, sociology and ethics at the FHGR in Chur.

Research areas: Integration of societies, power and violence, political systems, social justice, epistemology.

Our Partners in Switzerland

Students Organization

We are students of the FHGR and are committed to solidarity, peace and justice in the world.

At the center of our work are two goals:

We want to understand and raise awareness of the challenges facing the world. And together with COERESO, we seek to contribute to the mitigation of injustice and lack of freedom.

President Muriel Zweifel

As a student of tourism, I am always on the lookout for new impressions in faraway countries. For me, being open to new things also means not closing my eyes to abuses. As a member of Cambiela, I have the opportunity to take action against such abuses. This year we are supporting the Kagina Potters in Rwanda. It is especially important for me to accompany the people on their way to financial independence. I am already looking forward to getting to know the country and its people better through my work.

We are two former students of the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden, who founded the association CLOTHINK out of an upcycling project. With our association we want to contribute to the development cooperation between Switzerland and Rwanda by offering people new perspectives with financial resources.

Catherine Mächler

Through modules in her business administration studies, such as constitutional and administrative law, international human rights and sociology, Catherine first became aware of the extent of global inequality. In the founded association CLOTHINK, she wants to support people through cooperation in order to create perspectives together and to minimize inequality in the long term.

Shannon Breitenmoser

During her studies, which were strongly characterized by the homo economicus, it became increasingly clear to Shannon that she wanted to be part of something different, something sustainable. She therefore joined in 2019 a nonprofit organization that works to improve water supply, education, and quality of life in Togo. With the association CLOTHINK, Shannon is able to do relationship-based and meaningful work in cooperation with COERESO in Rwanda.

Our Partners in Rwanda

Albertine Ufitinema – Community Organizer, COERESO.

I am Rwandese, I grow up in western province, Nyamasheke district. But now I live in Kigali, KICUKIRO district, MASAKA Sector. I am 30 years old. I am married to NIYOMUGABO Aaron and we have one son. I was born into a family of 9 children. Today, however, we are 8, because the 4th born was killed in Genocide against Tutsi. I therefore am the 6th child.

I met COERESO during my internship with RABAGIRANA Ministries, where i was in charge of organizing the community and as counselors. COERESO hired me to work with the communities and to represent our association in Rwanda. If I go deep about how IRINA & ERIC have helped and treated me till today, they are like parents to me and I thank them because through them I experience humanity and respect. All 4 communities that I organize have a lot of testimonial of how COERESO has changed their lives. The community themselves said “COERESO is their light in the darkness”. We are in the pandemic but still COERESO looks after everyone connected to them. I thank them for their kindness.

About my education background, I hold bachelor’s degree in accounting form Kigali Institute of Management, certificate of counselors.

Sandrine Umukkunzi

I am a proud Rwandan citizen. I have bachelor degree in Rural Development and am a canditate of masters in Project management.

I met Eric and Irina when i was working with RABAGIRANA ministries as community development officer, since then continued to work with their team, teaching Kinyarwanda and being their translator.

I love serving the community. Currently I am working in a local NGO, dedicated to the promotion of children’s and women’s rights.

Eugene Twagirimana – Team Leader Wellborn Child Initiative.

I grew up in a village in a family of 9 children, I am the 7th child. We lost our father in 1994 when I was 4 years old. Since then, life has been very difficult. I am married to Aline Giribambe. With Wellborn Child Initiative, I and the wellborn team we strive to assure children and youths to have a better future through Education, development, child rights and advocacy.

Regarding my education background, I have a diploma in languages (French, English and Kinyarwanda), a bachelors degree in Law from University of Rwanda, and Masters in transformational development from Eastern college of Australia.

I met COERESO team in Rabagirana Ministries where I serve as associate staff. COERESO came to visit Wellborn Child Initiative, loved our children and were convinced of our approach to education and how to fight poverty. We are proud to have COERESO as friends and partners.

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Olivier Ntamugabumwe & Jean Bosco Hategekimana – Leaders of Best Potters Rwanda

Olivier was born in 1966, is married.

He graduated in Kiev State University (Ukraine)

Long experience in working for Community Development.

Bosco was born in 1973.

He graduated in Kigali Institute of Education and has long years of working experience as Social Economic Project Analyst.

Modeste Nzabakurana

Ceramist and teacher at the Best Potters of Rwanda Ceramist School.


Charles Nkurunziza – Director ARISE TVET School

I was born and brought up in Rwanda into a family of eight children, I am 35 years old, married to Jeannine waiting for a baby. I was raised in a Christian family, my father is a farmer. 

I attended my high school in Teacher Training Centre Gacuba II. After then I proceeded to All Nations Theological College & Seminary in Uganda I graduated in the Department of Christian Education. After two years I went to University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies, for my University career. Later I did tourism specialization and Service excellence at Cornell University. I worked with Mercy Ministry International and Rabagirana Ministries as a volunteer. I have been teaching since 2012 up to the date. Presently I am the Director of ARISE TVET SCHOOL.

Serving God is my top priority in life because I believe that nothing ever exists without the permission of God. This makes me to believe in the joy of friendship and peace and the capability of people to overcome poverty.


Our Tour Guides in Kigali

Josiane Niyodusenga

I am a Rwandese from Southern Province, Ruhango district, Nyarugenge Village.  I’m twenty-five years old. In our family we are 6 includes both Parents, 3 girls, and one boy. My parents are growers, and I’m the one who supports my parents and my siblings, because I’m a first born.

About my studies, I hold an A1 degree in Wildlife tourism from IPRC Kitabi. At the end of my studies, I met Eric and Irina and we became friends. We talked about a participation at COERESO as tour guides. I remember our first trip together, which was very wonderful, but challenging since it was my first experience. The second time it was really perfect.

Even if we are in Pandemic, as COERESO members we are still collaborating and chatting among us and we hope that this Pandemic will end soon and we will be able to continue our different projects. I pray for COERESO members to be healthy.

Gad Niwihisemo

I am the first born in a family of four children, 3 brothers and one sister. We live with our parents where I was born, in Northern Province under the Volcanoes National Park, the home of the Mountain Gorillas. We are farmers living from local crops like potatoes, beans and maize. I met with COERESO in 2017 when I was studying Wildlife Tourism at IPRC-KITABI. After my studies, I have been working as a freelance tour guide in Rwanda in different tourism sectors. In 2019, I was certified as a bird guide. Additionally I work with COERESO as a guide in Kigali. Because of its small size and the low level technology, our farm doesn’t generate sufficient income to finance the school materials and fees for my siblings. My guide jobs are, thus, a welcome support for my family.

Meeting with COERESO was my first step entering into the tourism business and starting my guiding career. They were the ones who opened the doors and encouraged me in what I was doing. They were patient for our low experience in guiding and made recommendations when things went wrong and helped us to improve. They not only supported us in developing our skills. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, any income from tourism vanished and life has become very difficult. However, COERESO went on supporting us financially and they made us hope that things will become good as they were before. They are a blessing to us.

Didier Guevan

I am Rwandan. I am also the last Born of five children, three Girls and two Boys. I like being together with People talking, exchanging experience in life, culture and anything else which can be useful to community.

That is what inspired me to stick together with COERESO Team since we met two years ago while I was completing my studies in Civil Engineering at IPRC KIGALI, Kicukiro Campus. 

I hold an advanced diploma in Highway Engineering and I am currently working as Designer for Various Civil Engineering Projects such water Supply for Rural Community in RUSIZI to ease the access of Quality water for Rwandan Population.

I deeply thank each and every one of you for love and teaming up.

Cheers my friends.

Josiane Niyodusenga & Gad Niwihisemo

Joseph Nyamutera

Pastor, Rabagirana.

Grace Karekezi

Community Organizer, CARSA.

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