What is the worldview and the concept of humankind that motivates our cooperations?

Which form of tourism do we consider useful?


Social Justice

Poverty and inequality, the lack of resources and the conflicts resulting from this powerlessness are, in our opinion, among the greatest challenges we face. The life, health and dignity of people and the protection of our environment require global cooperation.

We are trying to make a contribution to this.

Meeting People

International solidarity is based on empathy and the readiness for mutual understanding. Generalizations and prejudices prevent us from seeing the person in the other person.

Through encounters with students from different colleges and with people from all walks of life, we get the opportunity to share joys and sorrows and to learn from each other.

Inequality – The biggest Challenge

Life, Health, Dignity, Justice, Common Good and Freedom – Our basic Values.

Cooperative Tourism

Our trips to Rwanda and our visits of the communities have to contribute to the development of all the people involved.

Study Trips

Development Cooperation

Photos, Film