Ability to act in unfamiliar contexts

Practically every day we encounter strangers, i.e. people we do not know. In order to be able to live and act, we must rely on them, we must be able to trust them. But we must also dare to take steps into the unknown, to take risks, to be surprised and challenged. This student exchange offers the opportunity to make these discoveries of other worlds and of oneself accompanied and processed in the group.

Our image of Africa is often negatively characterized by violence and poverty. And whites are often equated by Africans with colonialism and economic exploitation. In both cases, fear and mistrust are the result.

StMSt offers the opportunity to prepare and give presentations with students from IPRC Kitabi College on the topics of economic development, poverty alleviation, ecology, justice, peace and tourism, and to exchange ideas about their own life plans, joys and hopes in personal conversations and excursions.

Strangers become work and travel partners, sometimes even friends.

In the second part of the trip we will visit the communities with whom we have developed projects in recent years. They will tell us about their project and their life and we will share our life with them.

Irina and Eric will accompany you as tour guides.


The college offers three diploma programs:

– Wildlife management

– Wildlife tourism

– Forest Resource Management.

The college mission is to preserve and disseminate knowledge related to biodiversity, tourism and cultural resources.

Eli Niyitegeka & Violet Mukabahizi (Head Tourism Department)
George Bulega
Cedric Tuyiseng
The guesthouse is managed by GREENSOLUTIONS KITABI with its kind and hospitable team.

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We will be happy to provide you with more information and answer your questions. We would be pleased to visit the communities and travel the country with you.

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