The Best Potters take their fate into their own hands!

Thanks to the resources provided by COERESO, the Best Potters manage to overcome step by step the profound structural and intellectual discrimination they have been suffering for centuries. Courageously they prove daily that providing people with opportunities liberates them to think creatively about their own future and build up power continuously.

Training and production center

During three years, 10 young adults of the community of Kagina Potters are currently being trained as professional. potters.

This training represents an extremely attractive possibility to learn a valuable craft and to stand on their own two feet in the future. The high school dropout rate and the pronounced unemployment rate are to be combated in the long term by establishing the first official school for pottery in Rwanda.

The next goal is to finance the school, the students and their families by producing and selling high quality pottery to hotels, restaurants, shops, locals and customers from abroad.