CARSA – Christian Action for Reconciliation and social Assistance

With the NGO CARSA, we have worked out a combination of community visits, exchanges and development cooperation to bring tourism and responsibility together.

CARSA works primarily in the area of reconciliation, focusing on psycho-social workshops, anti-poverty and malnutrition interventions, access and improvement of education, and work on family relationships.

They work with communities composed of 20-30 victims and perpetrators. They meet twice a month to work on the past and present, and to work together to build the future.

We visit these communities, spend two days with them to learn about their daily lives and share our way of life through presentations. One cow given to the victim and the perpetrator for joint responsibility, is financed by the tour group.

The students organization CAMBIELA contributed several times financially and came with us to visit and exchange with the communities.

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