A group of young men and women established in 2017 Wellborn Child Initiative to fight poverty with a varied approach. Besides the education of the youth and the parents, they are passionately teaching children in their nursery school. They see human beings as complex existencies, which is why they work with the children on their social, economic, physical, and spiritual abilities. To fight poverty means not only to help the children to grow, but also to change society. COERESO being convinced that it is the way we have to change the world together, we have been proud partners of this initiative for years.

The association “Volunteers for Education”, together with COERESO, has built the Saint Elizabeth Seton School, which currently teaches three kindergarten years and a first primary school class. If funding is obtained, the school will be expanded to offer all grades of elementary school. Thanks to this school, children from poor families will also receive a high-quality education. COERESO (, the student organization Cambiela ( and the school Mösli in Wallisellen ( have made the financing possible.

A significant step towards more equal opportunities and dignity!

CH 2019 – Camera, Direction, Sound, Cutting: Jennifer Pitton. Concept & Script: Eric Dieth & Jennifer Pitton. Music: Eric Dieth


Photos: Eric Dieth


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