Since 2017 there is the Abiyungurubumenyi Women Group, which dyes fabrics they buy in Tanzania or Congo with the batik technique. These extremely colorful fabrics, called kitenge, are worn from Kenya to Congo. Mostly they are printed by machine today. The Abiyungurubumenyi community, however, makes them by hand. And through the batik technique, a whole new style is created.

In order to generate more added value, they will tailor their own fabrics in the future. For this they will be trained together with Tuzamurane.

After major difficulties within the community, the group has reconstituted itself and has refined its dyeing techniques and greatly expanded the range of designs.

For those interested in dresses made from these fabrics, they can be made to measure on our trips. A few examples (which can be customized according to your wishes) can be found here: Creations

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