Judith’s Testimony:

“I am a single mother with no hope but when I joined ATS, I discovered my dream and now I am able to make money with my hands. I used to hurt my children before but now I learnt how to care for them. Thank you for your support. God bless you”.

Judith is working hard so that she can start her own saloon.

In 2015, the Rabagirana Training Center was founded. It was part of the Christian organization Rabagirana Ministries and cooperated with the Ecole Technique Libre St. Emmanuel de Masaka to train students. Accordingly, at the beginning the focus was on interior decoration, car mechanics, computer skills and English as a second language. Relatively quickly, however, it became clear that more low-threshold training was needed in professions that would provide students with more job opportunities. Also, the tourism industry is becoming more significant. Accordingly, in 2017 the school switched to Culinary Art (service and cooking), Hairdressing (hairdressing and makeup) and Tailoring. Another advantage of today’s training programs is that students can subsequently become self-employed with relatively few resources.

The state recognition as ARISE TVET SCHOOL is in progress. This will allow it to operate more independently and creatively.

It is a technical and vocational training that provides theory and practice in the context of the school. The students have only in the beginnings the possibility to gain professional experience directly in a company. However, this is aimed for in the longer term.

The training lasts one year. At present, 36 students are completing the Tailoring course, 18 Hospitality and 23 Hairdresser. The longer-term goal is 500 students.

90% of the students graduate; 60% find a job afterwards, 25% start their own business and 15% attend further studies.

About the courses ARISE holds:

Tailoring Level 1 is for persons 16 and older, lasts six months in class and three months in subsequent internship. Graduates should be able to measure, cut, knit, embroider and sew clothing such as skirts, shorts, pants, dresses, shirts or sweaters.

Tailoring does not require a large space and only a small amount of start-up capital, and anyone can be trained. We encourage our students to form co-ops afterwards.

Culinary Arts Level 1 is for ages 16 and up, six months in class and three months in internship. Students learn to cook a variety of dishes and are introduced to the basics of food and beverage service, front office or housekeeping, and tourism in general. The training also aims to contribute to the fight against malnutrition, which is a major problem for many children and families.

Hair Dressing Level 1 prepares women and men to wash and cut hair, as well as pedicure and manicure. The course is often chosen by former prostitutes in order to gain social recognition by being able to pursue legitimate work.

The cooperation with Rabagirana and subsequently with the school began in 2015 and has continued to develop through visits, exchanges and the financing of scholarships. The aim is now to further intensify the cooperation, which will mean a big step forward in terms of training opportunities and quality.

Our cooperation is based on the following four pillars:

1. exchange between students

2. professional exchange between lecturers and lecturers and students

3. financing of teaching materials

4. financing of infrastructure

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