Rwanda is one of the poorest countries in the world and has corresponding difficulties in ensuring the basic needs of the population, including in the area of education. In public schools, education is free of charge, but parents have to pay for school uniforms themselves.  A big number of children in public school classes affect the quality of education. Whoever can, tries to place their own children in a private school. Another problem is the long distances to school, which often have to be covered on foot, and the absence of kindergartens.

In order to give the children of their community (Musave) the best possible start in life, Eloi Nsanzimana, Henriette Niyigaba and Aimable Bakundakwita founded the association “Volunteers in Education” in 2016, which aims to build a kindergarten.  The idea started when Mr. Nsanzimana, who is a professional driver, felt compelled by kids who were regularly walking visibly tired along the road he frequently drives on from and back home. With Henriette Niyigaba his is parents to five children. He was able to convince his friends to found the association Nursery of Volunteers in Education of which he is the chair person. Eloi provided the needed services throughout the school construction until its completion. 

Currently, Musave neighbourhood does not have a kindergarten. A nearest one is located 5 km away from Musave at a place commonly known as ‘’Kwa Nayinzira’’. Consequently, most of the children between the ages of three and six are forced to walk an unbearable distance to reach schools or are not attending any at all. Some of these children remain unattended at home while their parents are at work.

The financing was secured by COERESO, the school Mösli in Wallisellen and CAMBIELA (student association of the FHGR for the support of development projects).

The school building is completed and despite some corona-related difficulties, finally it is in operation. The parents have christened the school “Elizabeth Seton”. 51 children attend kindergarten, 3 teachers, 1 gardener and 1 security guard are employed.

The aim is to develop the school into an elementary school so that the children can complete their entire first school years close to home.

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Henriette Niyigaba
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