The Wellborn Child Foundation was founded by Eugene Twagirimana in 2018. He and his team aim to tackle poverty at its root, i.e. at its source. With the belief that poverty must be addressed comprehensively, they work in the following areas:

– Education of children from kindergarten age, with an extremely progressive pedagogical approach. The focus is on the autonomy and dignity of children.

– Construction of a kindergarten.

– Programs for learning responsibility and entrepreneurial skills with animals for which the children are responsible.

– Bicycles that can be made available to parents for business activities.

– Parent education with reference to the importance of education and children’s rights (against child labor), education on child abuse and malnutrition.

– The cultivation of vegetable gardens.The establishment of asparagus communities.English courses for youth and for parents.Writing and reading courses for parents.

The plan is to provide close financial and advisory support to the Foundation over the next 3 years to build a stable core of relationships and infrastructure so that the community created can be self-sustaining.

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